Inclusion of Diversity @ work

A kick-start of our DEI culture journey for international growth

With tremendous business insights, Tina managed to build our inclusion ambition from bottom up. She humbly partnered with our leaders, HRBPs and other stakeholders to design the strategy – and take the crucial first steps to deliver. Her deep experience in partnership and execution means she is very pragmatic and focused, yet she maintains the vision and expertise to encourage us to be bold and ambitious with a clear vision for the long term.

Nicholas Creswell, Global head Talent development, Ørsted, Denmark

Some of the questions we ask our clients are:

1. What were the driving factors that made your company focus on inclusion of diversity?

2. What are your priorities in D&I and why are you focusing on them?

3. What have been your biggest challenges with your D&I program up until now? And how have you measured their success on your overall business performance?

4. What is your vision for the future with regards to inclusion and diversity? And what is the first steps you can take today to realize that future?

5.  What is the first steps you can take today to realize that future?

My question to you is – when should we talk on how we together can make Inclusion of Diversity your new strategic tool for innovative growth? Contact me for a FREE intro

The topic of diversity and inclusion (D&I) isn’t new. It has been part of companies’ sustainability agenda for years and a lot of money has been used on local activities such as ‘unconscious bias’ training, ‘woman in leadership’ programs and diversifying the HR process. The question is: Has it made the necessary changes on the D&I balance and has it had real impact on the business results?
At WithIntent, we believe that the focus should be on inclusion in the day-to-day work life. Inclusion is the key to unlock the full potential of the talent and make it possible to enhance all the different value-giving sides of each and every employee, without conscious or unconscious limitations.

The Business case is clear for all – but how do we work with it?

The business case for enhancing the diversity in business decisions have been clear for many years – proving again and again that diverse teams have a direct impact on business results, adding around an additional 30% to the bottom line. When we work with our own clients on inclusion and diversity, the why tends to be clear. Most Top Managements do see that D&I is an important element for business success. Management knows that future employees are looking towards diverse and inclusive working environments. Potential employees are driven by value and passion, and they seek out organizations that share their passion, and where it would be possible for the individual to bring their whole self to work, and make a significant difference – adding in their individual competencies and uniqueness. Organizations must react to the inclusion and diversity agenda or risk a shrinking candidate pool, a reduced market share and, ultimately, lost profits.

Adding to the specific business context, the humanity and social angle is also enhancing the urgency for management teams to transform the culture of the organization, to embrace all levels of diversity and ensuring that a sense of belonging is high on the agenda. Not only in leadership programs and in CSR-reports, but that it truly becomes an integrated part of how you do business. The ask for inclusion and diversity goes way beyond the company door. Our experience is the management teams really want to contribute to the inclusion and diversity agenda. Making a significant footmark for the future on D&I is a high priority and is seen as a real business element.

What does diversity really mean and how does it create value for us?

The question therefore is not on building the business case for the why, anymore, but seems to be more on what diversity really means in the individual business context and how to create the value-giving change in the company culture. WithIntent can advise and support you and your organization in this transformation, and thereby improve your business results – also in the future.

From our experience the best possible results are achieved through a structured, pragmatic and conceptual transformation. We all need to experience meaning in the work we do, and the diversity and inclusion agenda is no exception. On the contrary, if the intent is not clear and founded in real authentic behavior, it becomes hollow and the organization can turn against the management.

It can sound overwhelming, but it’s not!

There are different governing elements when you are working with inclusion and diversity. Nevertheless, the priorities should be carefully embedded in the organization – and with a deep respect towards the local business context and ambition level, to ensure the promises are kept.
We always ensure the presence of the following elements, when facilitating a transformation on the inclusion and diversity agenda:

  • Thinking globally, but act locally, to engage all diverse talents via community, trainings, projects related and integrated into the day-to-day work
  • Fostering authenticity and employee well-being with programs that support human connectivity, belonging and purpose in the organization and local society
  • Embedding D&I throughout the employee experience e.g. career paths across roles and regions to improve inclusion, growth, and trust
  • Structuring the organization with accountability for D&I initiatives with role models and ambassadors throughout the company

We are sure you are also feeling the growing emphasis on inclusion and diversity in the world, now more than ever. Top management knows that the D&I agenda is much more than a program—it must become deeply embedded in company culture and incorporated across the organization. In fact, several D&I leaders express their hope for a future where diversity and inclusion programs and -leaders don’t exist at all, because they simply are no longer needed. It’s a powerful and inspiring vision.