Transformation to an inclusive culture that creates true value

Transformation to an inclusive culture that creates true value


We partnered with Tina, as a part-time Global head of D&I and culture, in July 2022, and she has been instrumental in developing a business-anchored ambition and introducing the concept of Inclusion of Diversity (IoD). Tina constructively challenged our thinking and opened our eyes to a more integrated way of working with the Inclusion and Diversity topic.

DEI culture

We went from an externally driven “need-to-have-because others have-mindset” to a strategic element embedded in our strategy, the-way-we-work, and our behaviors driven by a growth mindset.

Tina has contributed to a solid roadmap and identified concrete opportunities to measure relevant ESG-related performance indicators. This will now be built upon further to advance Ferring’s commitment to a diverse workplace, inclusive culture, and aligned with external responsibilities.

The anchor in all the work has been Ferring’s unique business value proposition, together with the ongoing focus on the business outcome.

Tina professionally ensures a close interaction with stakeholders and demonstrates the business understanding needed, to unfold a continuous focus on a global business framework, that is locally aligned and pragmatically embedded in the processes of the local markets. In the seven months we have collaborated on this journey, Tina’s expertise and commitment have brought invaluable insights and new perspectives, which have already enriched the inclusivity of our culture and will have a long-lasting impact on the way we do business at Ferring.