Different talent potential as a performance driver

Team trust and joint accountability, is the fundament for High performance.

I had the please to design and run a module based team building ( primary virtual) for two Scandinavian teams in Denmark and Norway. We worked with both theory, assessments, homework and Individual Walk&talk coaching. It created both individual and team growth, please see below statement from the manager


It has been a pleasure to work with Tina. She is extremely competent at what she does and has an uncanny ability to really see people individually and their different personalities and strengths and how they can complement each other. She is also very good at diagnosing what the challenges are in the teams that she works with and is quick to implement remedies. I would recommend Tina to anyone who wants to provide their employees with either Teambuilding or to assist in getting their teams to work better together in a more effective manner!

Alexis Garras, Formerly UCB Ecosystem Lead Norway/Denmark and currently VP Business Development SpinChip Diagnostics

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